Covid-19 Restrictions and Safety Measures for Studio Sessions



*Please note, all rules and regulations for photographing in our studio are taken from the guidance of our county, state and federal guidelines to help stop the spread of coronavirus*

  1. Take your temperature the day of your session. If you have a fever or any symptoms of illness, please give us a call to reschedule your appointment, and your cancellation fee will be waived. 
  2. Only 1 parent/guardian may accompany minors inside the studio for their portrait session. 
  3. Any person entering the studio building MUST wear a mask. Clients will have the opportunity to check their appearance in provided mirrors before starting their session. 
  4. To minimize the use of our dressing room, please come to your session dressed and ready to go, but please know, we do have it available. The dressing room is also available for anyone with an outfit change in their session. 


  1. All employees of Stone Photography are fully vaccinated and will be wearing masks while photographing. Photographers will maintain social distance at all times. 
  2. Photographers will not adjust hair, or come within 6 ft of students. Students will have the opportunity to check their appearance in provided mirrors before their portrait.
  3. If you are unable to come to school for portrait day, you can come on make-up day OR schedule your make-up portrait at our studio by calling 301-654-3185 or emailing


  1. All employees of Stone Photography are fully vaccinated.
  2. All photographers will remain at least 6 feet from subjects while photographing. All photographers will be wearing masks during indoor and outdoor sessions.
  3. We have eliminated our Deluxe session option again for this year, which normally provides an outfit change and background/prop changes in studio. This year we are offering a lower priced extended session outdoors, to provide for an outfit change and outdoor portraits for more variety.

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